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Uses of Plant parts other than the fruit

Page history last edited by Nawsheen Hosenally 8 years, 7 months ago

Please find below the Literature Review on Uses of plant parts other than the fruit and also the outputs from the Workshop Group Activities. What we need to do now is to try to get answers to the questions that we have and any additional information that we have on this theme may also be added under the respective heading. 


To answer the questions below, simply click Edit on the top left corner, write your answer or any additional information and Save (at the bottom of the page).

Note: Anyone who is replying to a question is requested to put your name (in brackets) at the end of your answer or complementary information.

If in doubt, just add as a comment.



What do we know? 

Where are we now? 

Where should we be? 

What is missing to get there? 

Different parts of breadfruit tree, multipurpose tree

use of the other plant parts at household level

use of the other parts of breadfruit other than at household level, e.g. handicraft for tourism industry/export

R&D on the medicinal value

Can use timber, fruits, seeds, peel bark, latex, buds, leaves, flower, spike, trees

Using only fruits




Developing flour



Used for animal Feed




Used for medicinal purposes




Used for clothing




Agro-forestry shade




Caulking for canoes








Used for construction of buildings, handicrafts, surfboards





Stakeholders involved in issues related to uses of plant parts other than the fruit

















What questions are we asking ourselves? 


Question: What are the possible uses of by-products from breadfruit processing?




Question: Is there any economic importance of plant parts other that fruit for Mauritius?



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