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Environmental Requirements

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Please find below the Literature Review on Environmental Requirements of Breadfruit and also the outputs from the Workshop Group Activities. What we need to do now is to try to get answers to the questions that we have and any additional information that we have on this theme may also be added under the respective heading. 


To answer the questions below, simply click Edit on the top left corner, write your answer or any additional information and Save (at the bottom of the page).

Note: Anyone who is replying to a question is requested to put your name (in brackets) at the end of your answer or complementary information.

If in doubt, just add as a comment.



What do we know? 

  •  Wide range of adaptation (literature)
  •  Agro-climatic requirements (literature)


Where are we now? 

  •  Distribution is nearly all over the island
  •  Not  clear if there are concentration zones of trees


Where should we be? 

  •  Mapping of trees distribution
  •  Identifying agro-climatic zones suitable for optimal production


What is missing to get there?

  •  Agronomic studies that report on adaptation in Mauritius
  •  Experimental trials


Stakeholders involved in issues related to Environmental Requirements





  •  On-going research
  • Trials on different locations

2. Meteorological Services

  •  Meteorological data available 
  • Provision of meteorological data


What questions are we asking ourselves?(T.Gunesh)


Question:Are there specific micro-climates that are ideal for breadfruit?


  • Has wide range of adaptability 
  • Grows best in equatorial lowlands below 600-650m elevations. Latitudinal limits between 17 degrees N  and 23 degrees N.
  • Annual rainfall: 1525-2540mm considered optimom
  • Does best at temperatures of 21-32 degrees Centigrade but can grow from as low as 15 degrees Centigrade to as high as 45 degrees Centigrade.
  • Relative humidity - 70-80 %


Question: Tolerance to drought with relation to climate change?


  • Breadfruit can withstand drought for a few months(3-4 months) but premature drop of fruits occur.
  • can sprout back from roots after a small fire .Trunk and branches are not fire tolerant. 
  • Newly planted trees may require daily watering during dry periods .
  • Mature trees tolerate dry conditions.


Question: Tolerance to cyclones?


  • Branches  break and shed in heavy winds,speciallywith heavy fruit load, but new shoots and branches quickly regrow.
  • Can tolerate salt spray for brief periods
  • Can tolerate waterlogged soils for short periods


Question: What is the yielding period in different zones and where to obtain the general yield data?


  • Yield and fruit quality suffer in cooler regions


Question: Check germ plasm with different production & harvesting time to extend period of supply?




Question: Is it possible to extend the production season?




Question: Can breadfruit be grown in super-humid regions of Mauritius?


  • Can be grown in a variety of soil types.Do best in deep,fertile,well drained sandy loam or clay loam soils



Question: Is soil pH and high rainfall limiting factors to breadfruit tree growth in Mauritius?


  • Soil pH should be normally between 6.1 and 7.4


Question: Is breadfruit an invasive species?


  • Breadfruit roots tend to spread and can intermingle with those of adjacent trees


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