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Origin and Distribution of Breadfruit

Page history last edited by Nawsheen Hosenally 12 years, 4 months ago

Please find below the Literature Review on Origin & Distribution of Breadfruit and also the outputs from the Workshop Group Activities. What we need to do now is to try to get answers to the questions that we have and any additional information that we have on this theme may also be added under the respective heading. 


To answer the questions below, simply click Edit on the top left corner, write your answer or any additional information and Save (at the bottom of the page).

Note: Anyone who is replying to a question is requested to put your name (in brackets) at the end of your answer or complementary information.

If in doubt, just add as a comment.



What do we know? 

  •  Origin (from literature)
  •  Tropical Distribution worldwide (from literature)


Where are we now? 

  •  Do not know the number of varieties locally
  •  Do not know about the distribution of varieties locally


Where should we be? 

  •  Number of varieties introduced
  •  Number of trees
  •  More exhaustive review of literature
  •  Other sources of information?


What is missing to get there? 

  •  Eco-geographical survey on breadfruit trees


Stakeholders involved in issues related to Origin and Distribution of breadfruit




1. CSO

Involved in census

Include breadfruit on household survey

2. All stakeholders in the breadfruit sector

To map distribution of breadfruit trees across the island

On consortium wiki

3. Documentation centres (MAIFS/ AREU/ MSIRI/ FARC)

Involved in documentation

More exhaustive review of literature


What questions are we asking ourselves? 

Question: What is the Geographical distribution of breadfruit trees in Mauritius?




Question: Should we do a Tree census in Mauritius?




Question: Can we use a GIS system?




Question: Breadnut - number of trees and distribution?




Question: Is a census of breadnut trees required?




Question: Can there be other sources of information?




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