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Partnership Inception Workshop 1

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The first PAEPARD Partnership Inception workshop for the Mauritius Breadfruit sector consortium was organized on 9th and 10th February 2012 at the Food and Agricultural Research Council, Reduit. The Table below contains the workshop proceedings and important documents from the workshop. 


Document Name
Link to Document (View Online)
Downloadable version of Document
Workshop Proceedings (Full Document)
Link 1  ProcPIW1Combined.pdf  
Workshop Proceedings (Part 1)
Link 2  ProcPIW1Part1.pdf  
Workshop Proceedings (Part 2: Literature Review) Link 3 ProcPIW1Part2.pdf
PowerPoint Presentation 1
Link 4  PAEPARD Presentation - PIW1.ppt
PowerPoint Presentation 2 Link 5 PAEPARD Presentation - PIW1_Session 2.ppt
Group Activity Outputs Link 6  Group Activity Output.doc
Team Building Video Link 7   
Workshop Photos Link 8   



Discussion Topics

1. Origin and Distribution of Breadfruit

2. Germplasm

3. Environmental Requirements

4. Propagation Methods and Planting Materials

5. Agronomy and Cultural Practices

6. Fruiting

7. Harvest and Post-Harvest

8. Product Development and Marketing

9. Markets and Export

10. Uses of Plant parts other than the fruit

11. Consumer Preferences, Education and Products



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