Editable map of breadfruit trees in Mauritius

You can contribute to this map by locating breadfruit trees in your neighbourhood and adding them to our map!


To edit this map and add new Breadfruit trees yourself, click on this link http://g.co/maps/7uydm

To see the editable version of the map, you will have to be logged in on the Google system.

Note: You do not have to have a gmail account, just register for a google account using your existing email to be able to add content to the map.

Instructions on what information to add for each tree you mark on the map is avaialble on the left of the screen when you edit.

The placemark can be changed from a blue peg to the tree.


More details on how to add Breadfruit trees to the Map are explained in this presentation.


We hope this 'crowdsourcing' experiment in Mauritius will work out...


View Breadfruit trees in Mauritius in a larger map