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Discussion Forum

Page history last edited by Nawsheen Hosenally 11 years, 9 months ago

On this page, Partners from the Mauritius Consortium can initiate discussion topics, and other stakeholders will contribute to the discussion. Also, questions and clarifications regarding the consortium or any other topic shall be discussed here.


Discussion Topics

1. Origin and Distribution of Breadfruit

2. Germplasm

3. Environmental Requirements

4. Propagation Methods and Planting Materials

5. Agronomy and Cultural Practices

6. Fruiting

7. Harvest and Post-Harvest

8. Product Development and Marketing

9. Markets and Export

10. Uses of Plant parts other than the fruit

11. Consumer Preferences, Education and Products


Comments (5)

Nawsheen Hosenally said

at 7:33 pm on Jan 24, 2012

Dear Partners, I hope that you are all doing good. Most of the partners in the consortium have met during our meeting last week and we believe that our Discussion forum can now be initiated. To begin, it would be great to get a draft on the work currently being done on Breadfruit by each partner in this partnership. As mentioned in the meeting, each organisation has a page where they can share their work. The pages can be viewed on the Front page or you can access your organisation page on the link below:

FARC: http://paepardmauritius.pbworks.com/w/page/49154344/Food%20and%20Agricultural%20Research%20Council%20(FARC)

AREU: http://paepardmauritius.pbworks.com/w/page/49152838/Agricultural%20Research%20and%20Extension%20Unit%20(AREU)

UoM: http://paepardmauritius.pbworks.com/w/page/49154348/University%20of%20Mauritius%20(UoM)

MAMCF: http://paepardmauritius.pbworks.com/w/page/49155129/Mauritius%20Agricultural%20and%20Marketing%20Cooperatives%20Federation%20(MAMCF)

Sarjua Ltd: http://paepardmauritius.pbworks.com/w/page/49154352/Private%20Sector%20(Sarjua%20Ltd)

European Partner: http://paepardmauritius.pbworks.com/w/page/49154370/European%20Partner%20(Rishi%20Bootna)

kjbheenick said

at 3:03 pm on Feb 12, 2012

I just found this project which started in 2011, which sounds very much like what we are also trying to do in Mauritius. Do you think we have an advantage over them (even though we do not have the funds yet? Here is a link to the project flyer:

Nawsheen Hosenally said

at 9:32 pm on Feb 12, 2012

I can see many similarities between what they are doing and what the Mauritius breadfruit consortium is trying to establish.. Maybe the advantage we have is that in terms of partners, we have more stakeholders involved (African+European) and we are taking the whole value-chain into consideration to develop a National breadfruit program that will benefit and impact more stakeholders.

Nawsheen Hosenally said

at 9:53 pm on Feb 12, 2012

Very interesting video by the way. Thanks for sharing. I highly encourage our partners to watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vb8_f1K6FZA&feature=youtu.be

kjbheenick said

at 9:07 am on Feb 23, 2012

Now that the proceedings of the workshop is out - we need to start looking for information to answer the questions we had for ourselves - you realise that no one else is going to look for the answers, so choose a topic and dig in! Let others know what information you are looking up so we do not duplicate our efforts!

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