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Proposed Timeline for Mauritius

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Tentative Timeline – Mauritius




Specific output/Milestone to be achieved

Progress so far



Stakeholder meetings



Inception Workshop

  • Presentation of AIFs to consortium 
  • Agreement on date of Inception workshop


  • Stakeholders get to know each other
  • Understand PAEPARD
  • Create identity of the MSH formed (vision, aim, objectives, values, ground rules, expectation settings etc.)
  • Role of each stakeholder clearly defined and understood by all 
  • Understand the Concept Note and identify the gaps in it 
  • Draft of a calendar of work


Stakeholder meetings

  • Draft of reviewed concept note
  • Difficulties faced, opportunities , challenges discussed


Draft proposal write-up

  • Concept note reviewed again
  • Generate final proposal (Project Proposal)


Note: Physical activities described above, but other informal activities may be organized during the process.


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