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Documents or links on breadfruit

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Kindly post all documents or links related to breadfruit on this page.

Note: Please write a short description with the document or link (about breadfruit, processing, recipes, research etc.) so that readers have an idea about the content and eventually they can be classified in different categories.


Title: Species Profiles for Pacific Island Agroforestry - Artocarpus altilis (breadfruit)  (Courtesy of www.traditionaltree.org )

Author: Diane Ragone

Year: 2006

Link: http://agroforestry.net/tti/A.altilis-breadfruit.pdf

Description: A comprehensive description of the breadfruit plant, traditional propagation, agronomy, development and post-harvest handling. Recommended as a primer on the breadfruit plant.


Title: BREADFRUIT - Postharvest care and market preparation Information Sheet
Author: New Guyana Marketing Corporation

Year: ?

Link: http://www.newgmc.com/gmc_docs/brochures/Breadfruit.pdf

(based on  Postharvest Handling Technical Bulletin No 24: Breadfruit Postharvest care and market preparation

Description: Covers aspects of ripening, harvest and post-harvest, packaging of breadfruit for storage and sale, including export


Title: Breadfruit flour in biscuit making: effects on product quality
Author: Olaoye O. A, Onilude A. A and Oladoye C. O

Year: 2007

Link: http://www.academicjournals.org/AJFS/PDF/Pdf2007/Oct/Olaoye%20et%20al.pdf

Description: Journal article (African Journal of Food Science. pp. 020-023, October, 2007). Covers experimentation with breadflour mixed with wheat flour, up to 25% blend in biscuit making. Describes flow chart for making breadfruit flour. (need to insert summary of findings here)


Title: (Chapter on) Breadfruit. p. 50–58. In: Fruits of warm climates. Julia F. Morton, Miami, FL.

Author: Julia F Morton

Year: 1987

Link: http://www.hort.purdue.edu/newcrop/morton/breadfruit.html

Description: A classic comprehensive description of the breadfruit. The description covers aspects of seasonality of the crop in different parts of the world.


Title: Regeneration guidelines for breadfruit. (Ragone D. 2008. Regeneration guidelines: breadfruit. In: Dulloo M.E., Thormann I., Jorge M.A. and Hanson J., editors. Crop specific regeneration guidelines [CD-ROM]. CGIAR System- wide Genetic Resource Programme, Rome, Italy. 7 pp.)

Author: Ragone, D

Year: 2008

Link: http://cropgenebank.sgrp.cgiar.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=271&Itemid=398⟨=english

Description: Guidelines on regeneration of breadfruit (from a set of general guidelines on various crops). This document is also available in French.


Title: Key access and utilization descriptors for breadfruit genetic resources

Author: Multiple - collaborative group led by D Ragone - http://cropgenebank.sgrp.cgiar.org

Year: 2008

Link: http://cropgenebank.sgrp.cgiar.org/images/file/learning_space/key_descriptors_breadfruit.pdf

Description: Recommended list of descriptors to be used in characterising breadfruit accessions


Title:  Breadfruit. Artocarpus altilis(Parkinson) Fosberg. Promoting
the conservation and use of underutilized and neglected crops. 10. Institute of Plant
Genetics and Crop Plant Research, Gatersleben/International Plant Genetic
Resources Institute, Rome, Italy

Author: Ragone, Diane

Year: 1997

Link: http://www.bioversityinternational.org/fileadmin/bioversity/publications/pdfs/342.pdf?cache=1326432634

Description: Extensive coverage of literature and research on the Breadfruit. A good starting point for anyone about to embark on research on Breadfruit.


(From the Breadfruit Institute Research Projects page) http://ntbg.org/breadfruit/research/bfi_projects.php

Selected Publications about in vitro propagation of breadfruit:



Title:  Nutritional and morphological diversity of breadfruit (Artocarpus, Moraceae): Identification of elite cultivars for food security; Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, Volume 24, Issue 8, December 2011, Pages 1091–1102

Author: A. Maxwell P. Jones, Diane Ragone, Kamaui Aiona, W. Alex Lane, Susan J. Murch

    Year: 2011

    Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jfca.2011.04.002; Link to a table of comparison of some of the varieties including one from the Seychelles http://www.sciencedirect.com/science?_ob=MiamiCaptionURL&_method=retrieve&_eid=1-s2.0-S0889157511001062&_image=tbl0025&_ba=&_fmt=abstract&_orig=na&_issn=08891575&_pii=S0889157511001062&view=c&_isTablePopup=Y&_acct=C000228598&_version=1&_urlVersion=0&_userid=10&md5=d29ab36eb66595e80fa07bfd0d17b99d

    Description: Comparison of 94 cultivars grown at the same location for protein and mineral content, fruit morphology and flour production. Results indicate the potential to identify specific varieties with potential for specific uses.



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