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Agricultural Research and Extension Unit (AREU)

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1.0 Project Title: Promotion of the cultivation of starchy and tuber crops


1.1 Breadfruit

The objective of the project was to promote the production and consumption of breadfruit in Mauritius


1.1.1 Outcome Identification and Collection of Local Germplasm


During the last two years, evaluation of local germplasm has been carried out and to date, 3 distinct cultivars, named PES (round), Osman (round) and Chin (oblong) have been identified with different morphological and postharvest characteristics. These have been propagated and established in a germplasm block at Pamplemousses CRS for further evaluation and multiplication. Improvement of Propagation Techniques


The traditional method of propagation by root cuttings and root shoots has been validated.  New techniques of propagation, namely, air layering and grafting have been investigated and found to be successful. Planting materials derived from the traditional and new propagation techniques have been established at Pamplemousses ES to compare their performance. Tree Management for Productivity Improvement and Waste Reduction


Old and tall breadfruit trees often bear fruits at a height which is not accessible. This leads to shedding of mature unharvested fruits which are wasted and are a source of nuisance (odour and flies). In 2010, the tall limbs of old breadfruit trees at Pamplemousses ES were rejuvenated at shoulder height to develop short-statured trees. The beheading was carried out in June after harvest season. Flowering and fruiting were observed in December of the same year. Breadfruit trees can therefore be maintained at a manageable height by appropriate pruning techniques and post pruning care. Availability of planting materials to farming community


By January 2012, 160 breadfruit plants, produced from experimental materials have been put at the disposal of growers. Development of a Protocol for Breadfruit Flour


 In view of partly substituting the import of wheat flour, fruits from the local germplasm have been evaluated for their suitability for flour making. Two clones (round types) have been found suitable and a protocol has been developed for the production of breadfruit flour. Blends with wheat flour have been prepared and recipes developed for Western and Indian bread and pastry. Development of innovative breadfruit-based products


Breadfruit is a seasonal commodity and its short production period, high yield and perishable nature result in significant fruit wastage. Therefore protocols for minimally processed breadfruit and breadfruit frozen fries have been developed to present the fruit in a convenient form for consumption. 



  •  Protocol: slicing, blanching, drying at 55ºC or 100ºC
  • Average yield: 14% with M.C% of 4.13      
  •  Colour: off white to cream
  •  Nutritional value (MSB)- gluten free, Carbohydrates:79 to 84%, high in P, Fe,
  • Nutritional value stable during storage 
  •  Shelf Life: 12 months
  •  Uses  of breadfruit and wheat flour blends: Roti/Puri (25-50%), Buns (25-33% ), Bread (25%).


Future Projects

1. Dissemination of propagation techniques of breadfruit through publication of recommendation sheets, CDs, posters and organization of training sessions for farmers and prospective entrepreneurs at PES and School of Farmers, WCRS.  


2. Preparation and distribution of publications on breadfruit orchard establishment, tree management, cultural practices, control of pests and diseases, harvest and post-harvest practices and value addition.


3. Training of women, youth and potential entrepreneurs on the value addition to breadfruit at Agro-processing Resource Centre, WCRS 


4. Comparison of performance of locally identified breadfruit clones in different agro-climatic zones in Mauritius and Rodrigues. 


5. Comparison of performance of different types of planting materials of breadfruit. 


6. Introduction and evaluation of elite breadfruit germplasm from the Breadfruit Institute, Nationl Tropical Botanical Garden (NTBG), Hawaii. 


7. Determination of rheological properties of different breadfruit flour blends.


8. Determination of nutritional value of different breadfruit flour blends. 


9. Promotion of consumption of breadfruit among school children. 


10.  Evaluation of breadfruit trees in agroforestry.


11.  Evaluation of breadnut seeds for flour production


Please find below some documents on breadfruit shared by AREU:

breadfruit for PAEPARD.docx


paper symposium 1.pdf

paper symposium 3.pdf

paper symposium invitro.pdf  


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